The Design School

Master of Science in Design

The question to ask is not “What do you want to be?” but rather “What do you want to do?”

Mission of the Master of Science in Design

The underpinning mission of the Master of Science in Design (MSD) is focused on what you want to do rather than what you want to be. This makes the MSD significantly different from most other graduate degrees in design, which may prepare you for the challenge of today’s professional world but perhaps not those of tomorrow's.

The MSD achieves its mission in two significant ways. First, it is a research degree and not a practice degree. Like most research degrees, it is centered on the systematic and methodological investigation of issues important to design. Second, the MSD is multidisciplinary. It provides an educational environment that works across the many disciplines that exist in the Herberger Institute, School of Design Innovation and Arizona State University.

Goals of the MSD

The MSD Program has four goals: