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Spring Lecture Series 2011
ASU’s Pecha Kucha Nights

Pecha Kucha Nights, The Design School’s spring lecture series

Your professor has just 6 minutes and 40 seconds…

Join us for Pecha Kucha Nights, The Design School’s spring lecture series. Each evening presents four faculty members to talk about their research and/or pedagogy, illustrated with up to 20 images shown for 20 seconds. The presentations will be followed by a chaired discussion.







Fall Lecture Series 2010
Young Guns: Innovation by Young Designers

young guns innovation by young designers

This student-organized lecture series titled “Young Guns: Innovation by Young Designers,” features enterprising young designers who are rising to the top of their field by virtue of their ground-breaking work and creativity. The series’ speakers include:



Spring Lecture 2010
Urbanism Ecology presented by Charles Anderson

spring lecture

Architects, landscape architects, artists and other design professionals do the vast majority of their work in urban environments. Urbanism is the term used to describe the process of the urbanization of our planet and of the culture that results. Ecology is concerned with the relationships between all organisms and the environment. Together and coupled with aesthetic and expressionist design principles, they form the foundation for urban design. What will endure must not only function but it must also be beautiful and compelling so that "culture" will value and preserve the resources used to make our urban environments. This lecture will feature very high profile works that seek to capture the culture and nature of place to compose a sustainable and expressive landscape. Drawing from past collaborations, ongoing, and new, a range of projects scales will be presented. Projects with architects including David Chipperfield, Carlos Zapata, Tadao Ando, Jim Olson, Tom Kundig, Weiss Manfredi, James Polshek, and landscape architects Richard Haag, Kathryn Gustafson, and artists Richard Serra, James Turrell, Roy McMakin and others, will demonstrate the thread that connects them all; expressive and regionally appropriate, ecologically based "Urbanism."

Charles Anderson, FASLA, Charles Anderson Landscape Architecture, Seattle/Scottsdale. He is a practicing landscape architect and also teaches at Arizona State University. Known for crafting numerous award winning project based on an evolving body of work that highlights the transformative processes of ecological systems: creating socially-relevant spaces and galvanizing the energy of others to advocate for parks, plazas and open space. His work has ranged from projects like the Gardens of the Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle, to smaller scale, yet no less important, neighborhood parks and urban ecological restorations. Across this range of scopes, budgets and complexities, his projects consistently engage the tensions between artworks and the ordering processes creating the potential for ecological fertility and aesthetic sublimation while cultivating a spirited engagement with place. He calls this Emo-urbanism.

Fall Lecture Series 2009
Landscapes of the Americas

fall lecture

Guest Lecturers Include:

Spring Lecture Series 2009
DIGIT: Architecture and Electrical Anthropology

fall lecture

Guest Lecturers Include:

Fall Lecture Series 2008
Designing Sustainability

fall lecture

Finding its origins in the ecology movement of the late 1960s with its emphasis upon the nature and performance of natural systems, the concept of sustainability has been broadened to include the interaction of natural and cultural (human) phenomena. We have come to understand that nature and culture can no longer be separated—that the human presence on earth has an impact as significant as any natural system. As the effects of this complex relationship are being felt in our everyday lives (the cost of energy, global warming, urban heat island, pollution, etc.), the traditional design disciplines are transforming in order to address these evolving issues. This lecture series brings together architects, urban designers, landscape architects, and theorists to take the pulse on the impact that the idea of sustainability is having on the practice of design. A number of practical questions must be asked: How is sustainability defined and measured in practice? What kind of knowledge is required to design sustainable systems and how is it being applied? Finally, how is the idea sustainability communicated in a built work?

Guest Lecturers Include: