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Thomas Morton is assistant professor in The Design School in the ASU Herberger Institute. He created Apples + Archaeology, an outreach program for K-12 education in the metropolitan Phoenix area. Administered through the Central Arizona Society of the Archaeological Institute of America, this is a volunteer program in which ASU professors who teach archaeology and its related disciplines take the excitement of archaeology into primary and secondary school classrooms. The goals are simple: to amaze, inspire, and invigorate. Apples + Archaeology has been in existence for only one year, but the results are already impressive. Professor Morton wrote two successful proposals for Society Outreach Grants from the national office of the Archaeological Institute, and a detailed description of Apples + Archaeology appeared in the July/August 2010 issue of Archaeology magazine. The Archaeological Institute hopes that this program will be the model for a national program. To date, over 1000 schoolchildren have participated in Apples + Archaeology programs.

For further information, see:

Central Arizona Society of the Archaeological Institute of America

Archaeological Institute of America

Project Date: January 2011