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NEXT EVENT: Thursday May 28
1 p.m.-2 p.m.

Joy. Liberation. Dreaming. Rest. Re-centering ourselves and our communities in this time of uncertainty feels impossible. We are isolated physically and we have been isolated by societal biases against us. Together we reimagine how our collective care is necessary for our creative vitality now.



  • Mallory Rukhsana Nezam, creative city consultant, ASU Practices for Change Fellow 2019-20

Zoom:  https://asu.zoom.us/j/99197833625

This panel is presented by Assembly Required, a collection of interviews with creatives, discussion panels, activities and modules that unite students, alumni and the greater arts and design community in discussions about past experiences, current skills and the future of work. All programming is open to the ASU community and the general public to center community knowledge, promote voices of emerging leaders, and link disparate networks in the cross-sector work of art and design, to disrupt traditional pathways of accessibility to learning. More programming will be announced soon.


Photo by Laura Segall

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