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NEXT EVENT: Wednesday March 31 2021
1:30 p.m.-3 p.m.

Biophilia: Designing with the Power of Nature to Heal and Nourish Our Communities, a Virtual Lecture by Sonja Bochart

What indigenous people and our ancestors knew for centuries, we are finally reconnecting to – nature is our greatest asset. The term for our biological connection and affinity for the natural world is termed biophilia – or love of life. The intrinsic relationship we have for the natural world is well proven in science, demonstrating profound physical and physiological health benefits – including reduced stress and tension and higher levels of creativity, learning, productivity, healing and happiness. Biophilic design is a practice to bring elements and patterns of nature into design to foster human and ecological well-being. A regenerative approach to the inclusion of biophilia in cities and buildings has been shown to mitigate climate change, improve mental health, create more equity and improve overall social and ecological well-being. Discover the essence of biophilia and the science of bringing the power of nature into design to thrive!

Sonja Bochart, IIDA, LEED AP BD&C, WELL AP, LFA senior designer, biophilia consultant, a design leader in health and wellness for over twenty years, has an extensive background in creating spaces to support human and ecological well-being. She works nationally as a designer, biophilia and sustainability consultant. Her portfolio includes leading the design for projects in all building sector project typologies: workplace, healthcare, educational, community, mental health, residential and cultural centers. In addition to consulting, Bochart has contributed to such groups as Interior Design’s Healthcare and Wellness Council and the advisory council for the International Living Future Institutes Biophilic Design Initiative, and serves as a board member for Green Plants for Green Buildings. As an advocate for foster connections between people and natural systems, Bochart is one of the foremost facilitators for project and team biophilic design workshops, including consulting for LEED, Living Building Challenge and WELL Building design charrettes, including recent projects for the University of Washington’s Population Health Building, Mayo Clinic, The Port of Seattle, and Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

This lecture is part of a series organized by the faculty of the interior design/interior architecture program in The Design School at ASU. Each lecture will be presented online via Zoom webinar and is open to students, faculty and the general public. 

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