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NEXT EVENT: Monday February 18
5 a.m.-6:30 a.m.

The Design School at ASU presents: The Design Reserach Forum

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Topic: "Building Resilience to Floods: Case studies for housing infrastructure in aging community in Taiwan"

Taiwan is a country prone to floods and is entering an aging society. Under the influence of global climate change with increased intensity and frequency of extreme storm events and typhoons, flooding has caused several disastrous events in the past 10 years. Among the hardest hits are the socially vulnerable population, particularly the elderly who live alone. This study reveals current issues the aging community are facing in coping with floods and explores potential strategies to mitigate climate change impacts and enhance community resilience through building and infrastructure engineering innovations in Taiwan’s aging community

Discussion will be led by George C. Yao, PhD, Distinguished Professor in the  Department of Architecture and Li-Chun Chiang, PhD, professor, Department of Political Science, at National Cheng Kung University in Tainan, Taiwan. 

About George C. Yao, PhD

Yao has extensive research and practice in architecture structural engineering specialized in seismic structure and nonstructural elements analysis. Recent research has focused on resilient urban infrastructure assessment and engineering. Yao is a professor in architecture, vice president for general affairs, former vice dean at College of Planning and Design and former chair of Department of Architecture in National Cheng Kung University. He received a PhD from New York State University at Buffalo, M.S. in Georgia Institute of Technology, and BS in National Taiwan University.   

About Li-Chun Chiang

Chiang's research focuses on technology and governance. She has published on the topics of exploring the effects of trust, perceived risk and e-services systems on public services in e-government. Current projects include using technology and big data in assisting risk management and communication for enhancing resilience in communities. Chiang received her PhD in political science at University of Southern California.

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