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NEXT EVENT: Saturday March 5
3 p.m.-3 p.m.
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Immersion Workshop | Biomimicry Thinking for Design  Let the sun-soaked Arizona desert shed light on a new, biologically-inspired design lens during Biomimicry 3.8’s upcoming Biomimicry Thinking for Design Immersion Workshop. Whether you’re a designer, engineer, business leader, educator, or sustainability champion, we invite all innovators to learn with us as we discover how biomimicry can unlock answers to a wide range of challenges faced by industries in almost any sector. While exploring the deserts and mountains of southern Arizona from a home-base on the historic El Rancho Robles, our Biomimicry Thinking workshop will focus on unpackaging and applying the Biomimicry Thinking methodology through each of its four major processes: Scoping, Discovering, Creating, and Evaluating. Participants will immerse themselves into Biomimicry Thinking, including practicing with interdisciplinary teams on design challenges inspired by the real-world questions. By reframing typical approaches to problem solving, participants will learn how to discover natural models that can inform new and innovative solutions. http://biomimicry.net/immersion-workshop-biomimicry-thinking-for-design-...
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