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The Landscape Architecture program at The Design School aims to teach students to make the world more sustainable, healthy and beautiful.

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A Degree in Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture employs knowledge from the arts and sciences to explore reasons for and the techniques involved in shaping the outdoor environment. Large-scale work includes such areas of interest as urban design and landscape ecological design, while medium and smaller-scale work is undertaken in site planning, residential design, park and recreation design, and landscape reclamation. In this diverse and changing profession, new and emerging foci include biotechnical construction, landscape interpretation, and the design of restorative environments, green roofs, and living walls.

DesignIntelligence ranks The Design School's Landscape Architecture program 16th in the nation for undergraduate program and 17th for the graduate program, according to hiring professionals. (DesignIntelligence, Sept. 2017)

Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture students discussing a layout plan
Landscape architect at work with a pencil and a model
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