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Architecture Partners Program

Since arriving at ASU in 2018, I have made it a priority to get to know the architectural community here in the valley. The work I have seen and the people that I have met continue to inspire.

Our program is at an exciting moment in its history. As part of a larger redesign of the Design School, we are in the process of completely rethinking what it means to be an architecture program in the 21st century, at ASU, and in the context of the southwest. Essential to the evolution of our program are partners to help refine our vision. I am reaching out to you now to be a partner.

In Fall 2019 we launched the ASU Architecture Partners Program (APP). The intention of the program is to build lines of communication between the academic and professional communities here in the valley. As we explore innovative change, we want your input. The APP will also help to support student and faculty initiatives, including scholarships, design build projects, as well as way to plug tuition gaps for students who need it most.

As a part of the largest comprehensive design school in the U.S., and at the #1 most innovative research university, ASU’s Architecture Program is uniquely positioned to completely re-imagine architectural education and to graduate professionals who will productively change the profession into which they enter.

I hope you will join us.

Marc J Neveu PhD
Architecture Program Head

Partnership Opportunities 

  • Demonstrate your support for the advancement of the discipline of Architecture, and help make the field more:
    Relevant, Equitable, and Impactful
  • Advance efforts to make significant impact relative to student access to: scholarships, design/build efforts, new technologies, travel experiences, faculty research, events, diverse teaching voices, and professional preparation.

Firm Level $5,000

  • All members of a practice can have unlimited participation in internal and external events with the Head of Architecture. Unrestricted funds will support and guide your key initiative for the future of Architecture at ASU.
  • Firms will be given additional opportunities to be represented in student and professionally focused events.
  • Acknowledgement, including firm logo, will be included in our Annual Report and on The Design School website.

Leadership Level $2,500

  • Professional leaders can participate in internal and external events with the Head of Architecture. Unrestricted funds will support and guide key initiatives for the future of architecture at ASU.
  • Acknowledgement will be included in our Annual Report and website.

Emerging Level $1,000

  • Emerging Professionals less than 10 years out of school can participate in internal events with the Head of Architecture. Unrestricted funds will support key iniatives for the immediate future of the discipline.
  • Acknowledgement will be listed within Annual Report.

Join Now

All funds will be deposited with the ASU Foundation for a New American University, a nonprofit organization that exists to support ASU. Gifts in support of ASU are subject to foundation policies and fees. Due to the fair market value of benefits received, only payments in excess of fair market value may be considered a charitable contribution. Please consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of charitable contributions. All funds in support of the Architecture Partners Program will go directly to the support of the Architecture program.