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What are you doing next semester?

Join the re-imagined InnovationSpace: a focused, single semester immersion for students to experience a transdisciplinary team environment and become a leader of innovation with the skills and mindset the future demands!

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We are looking for passionate, motivated students in industrial design, visual communication design, engineering, business and sustainability who want to change the world. We will be working with two sponsors: SolarSPELL (Solar Powered Educational Learning Library) and The Center for Bio-Inspired and Bio-Mediated Geotechnics (CBBG).

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Half the world is offline. Let’s bring them a world of knowledge.

SolarSPELL is a portable solar-powered digital library designed for resource-constrained locations. The SolarSPELL digital library provides locally relevant open-access educational resources, served up over an offline WiFi hotspot to which any WiFi-enabled device can connect. It mimics an online experience to build information literacy and technology skills in a safe environment. We will be exploring the next generation of SolarSPELL, addressing engineering, design and marketing challenges that will enable SolarSPELL to evolve, scaling to resource-constrained regions around the globe, ensuring that limited resources never limit an individual’s opportunity to thrive!


InnovationSpace Laura Hosman

Help create and launch a nature-loving robot!

Robots have been designed to fly, swim and walk. We want to break new ground by designing robots that can burrow. We are partnering with ASU’s Center for Bio-Inspired and Bio-Mediated Geotechnics (CBBG) to learn from nature, identify biological role models, extract underground locomotion principles and translate them into designs of self-burrowing robots. We are challenged to create new designs that enable burrowing in any direction, to define potential markets and applications of self-burrowing robots; branding/promotion strategies to attract investments; and a successful route to commercialization.


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Course description

The InnovationSpace program provides senior-level students with a unique opportunity to complete a real-world product-development project. Using the Integrated Innovation model, teams of top undergraduate students from business, engineering, industrial design, visual communication design and sustainability spend two semesters researching, developing and refining product concepts. Their work includes

  • exploring user, societal and environmental needs;
  • analyzing market trends and consumer demand; and,
  • investigating new technologies.

All final products are accompanied by proof-of-concept and appearance models as well as detailed Innovation Proposals. These proposals summarize user research; present a product concept; provide engineering specifications; outline a product-communication strategy; chart a comprehensive business plan; and detail a comprehensive roadmap for sustainability.

If you want to:

  • contribute to a better society
  • engage with top-performing students in other disciplines
  • learn from top-notch faculty and real-world corporate mentors
  • acquire valuable experience in crossfunctional teamwork
  • gain a solid grounding in how to commercialize a product

then InnovationSpace is for you!

Open courses, sign up now!

ENT 494 – Topic: Innovation Space – Enroll to class# 33500

GRA 494 – Topic: Innovation Space – Enroll to class# 33492

IND 494 – Topic: Innovation Space – Enroll to class# 33494

SOS 498 – Topic: Innovation Space – Enroll to class# 33513

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