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Cluster Project

“When the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” 

The Interdisciplinary Cluster Competition is an annual competition held within The Design School that fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration among our junior students, providing students an opportunity to apply knowledge, gained in the studio, to solve real-life design projects. 

The Interdisciplinary Cluster Competition started in 2008 as an idea between three professors in architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and the visual communication design program. The Interdisciplinary Cluster Competition (ICC) takes place at the start of each spring semester for junior students across all of The Design School’s core disciplines; architecture, industrial design, interior design, landscape architecture and visual communication design. The teams, with assistance from faculty mentors, apply studio-based learning methodology combined with a real world problem. This combination enhances the competition learning outcomes due to the impact of the intra-professional experience on student learning and their ability to generate holistic and resourceful solutions (Shraiky J. & Lamb 2012). The result is a win-win experience that empowers students to become social changers, which exposes them to an understanding of interdisciplinary collaborative practice. 

View the 10-year compilation of the Interdiscplinary Cluster Competition (.pdf version)


Cluster Projects from The Design School on Vimeo.