Solar Laboratory and Deck

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ASU’s Solar Laboratory and Deck

Founded by the late Professor John Yellott, ASU’s Solar Laboratory is a nationally recognized facility for research and education in active and  passive solar heating/cooling/electricity and in climate responsive building material design concepts. It includes a facility located on the roof of the Design North Building and consists of an interior solar testing laboratory (450 s.f.) that houses data acquisition equipment and a small seminar area, the exterior deck (2800 s.f.) for the experimental testing of solar and building related equipment, and a sky platform (350 s.f.) for the weather station with high quality solar radiation measuring equipment. Currently, the solar deck contains solar ovens, a rotating test house, an array of evacuated-tube solar thermal collectors, a solar thermal flat plate collector test facility, two-axis PV tracker, and  a solar PV module testing experimental set-up. Accompanying these facilities are data acquisition equipment, and a variety of temperature, pressure, flow rate, and electric power measurement systems. Experiments on fenestration products and devices to reduce solar loads on building facades, green roofs and living walls are also ongoing. 

Solar Deck: emphasis on hands-on experiments