Students at the Barrett Honors College experience an intellectually and socially vibrant community where their unique talents and interests are nutured and developed.


Honors experience

The Design School offers special programming for Barrett, The Honors College students majoring in architecture, industrial design, interior design, landscape architecture and visual communication (graphic) design. Barrett, The Honors College, one of the nation’s highest-ranking honors colleges, offers students many unique academic opportunities.

The honors thesis/creative project is your opportunity to contribute to and advance knowledge in your discipline in a meaningful way. Honors students engage with the most dedicated and talented professors committed to working with honors students. Barrett honors students create multiple advantages for themselves in securing internships and research opportunities. Your thesis/creative project may help you get admitted to the graduate school of your choice. 

View the complete description of the mission, scope, requirements and opportunities of Barrett, The Honors College or view the General Catalog, “Barrett, The Honors College.”

Admission to The Design School Honors Program

Students accepted into the Barrett, The Honors College, should also make an appointment with an advisor for their respective discipline.

Architecture - Renata Hejduk, Renata.Hejduk@asu.edu  
Industrial Design - Dosun Shin, Dosun.Shin@asu.edu 
Interior Design - Jose Bernardi, Jose.Bernardi@asu.edu 
Landscape Architecture - Paul Coseo, Paul.Coseo@asu.edu
Visual Communication Design - Alfred Sanft, asanft@asu.edu  
Environmental Design - Elena Rocchi, Elena.Rocchi@asu.edu

The faculty advisor assists students in selecting courses linked to their particular interests and in selecting a faculty honors mentor, a guide to students as they work to complete their specific major.

All students should make a point of visiting their honors disciplinary advisor at the beginning of the junior year to make sure they are on track for the thesis/creative project.

The Design School Barrett Honors Thesis Handbook AY 2017-2018