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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

We seek to enable everyone to thrive on their unique paths.

The Design School welcomes and co-creates new worlds with people of all abilities, ages, gender identities, languages, marital status, national origins, physical appearances, religion, sexual orientations and socioeconomic status. Our faculty, staff, students and partners have a participatory approach to design and collectively learn and generate knowledge about designing artifacts, tools, processes and resources. We seek to enable everyone to thrive on their unique paths toward educational, professional and personal success. Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging work is an ongoing process and requires continual evaluation, dialogue and action.

The student-led Design Justice Initiative (DJI) has demonstrated the urgency with which we must act. Together with DJI and other partners, and in concert with other initiatives across campus, The Design School centers the perspectives of marginalized people by combatting structural oppression, including (but not limited to) white supremacy, xenophobia, patriarchy and misogyny, hetero- and cis-normativity, religious discrimination, and physical and neuro-ableism. The Design School at Arizona State University does not discriminate on any protected basis in any of its programs or activities.

The DEIB Committee relies on reciprocal and equitable communication among all the school’s stakeholders in service to our shared values. We recognize that systemic injustices often go unnoticed, and we commit to intensifying our efforts to uncover and address them through transparent processes that are engaging and meaningful to The Design School community.