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"As designers we envision spaces defined by the assembly of materials and their exchange with the natural phenomena. Architecture is not made, it becomes. The empathic use of craft helps build an experience that can produce appropriation, identity and a sense of place. Then architecture may appear. The lecture will explore the process of working with material, detail as conscious intention and craft to create space and atmosphere."

Gustavo Carmona was born in Mexico City, where he obtained his professional degree in architecture. He later studied a Master's degree in architecture at Arizona State University (Class of 2003). The Mexican architectural background paired with the experience of the desert powered a keen interest in light as material followed by a focus in detail and assembly to achieve sensory experiences. In 2006, after working for a few years in California, he moved to Mexico City and founded MATERIA along with his wife, architect Lisa Beltran. MATERIA has developed a particular voice amid a varied architectural scene in Mexico. Projects expand to Europe, the U.S. and many Latin American countries through typologies such as residential, mixed-use, cultural, high-end retail, hospitality and interiors.

This lecture is part of a series organized by the faculty of the interior design/interior architecture program in The Design School at ASU. Each lecture will be presented online via Zoom webinar and is open to students, faculty and the general public.

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