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Design Excellence 2016

The Design Excellence Exhibition is a display of student projects and occurs twice throughout the academic year. The fall Design Excellence exhibition is on display from February and runs until March. The spring Design Excellence Exhibition is on display from June and runs throughout the summer until September. Each semester faculty nominate up to three students from each studio (second, third and fourth year studios at undergraduate level along with the graduate level studios) to present their projects displayed on a 2ft x 6ft poster in the Design Excellence Exhibition. One project from each studio is selected as the winner.

Fall design excellence

Students will be notified by The Design School if they have been nominated for Design Excellence and will be requested to submit their poster no later than the deadline noted below. The posters will then be formatted, printed and hung in the Fall Design Excellence exhibition which is featured in The Gallery in Design South and Red Square in Design North. The Design School invites an external jury panel to visit the school and spend the day reviewing each project who will then choose one nominated project from each studio as the winner. A panel discussion will be held at the end of the jury's visit, providing students with the opportunity to meet and engage in discussion with the jury. Following the announcement of the winners, each winner will receive a certificate from The Design School in recognition of their achievement.

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Fall Design Excellence Jury

Jury members

Barbara Bouza - Gensler

James Gifford - Fender

David Sciacero - Human Interface Designer

Georgeen Theodore - New Jersey Institute of Technology

Bo Yang - University of Arizona 


Dates and deadlines: 2018 Fall Design Excellence
Faculty nominations Dec 7, 2018
Students notified of nomination Dec 14, 2018
Students to submit their poster no later than Jan 8, 2019
Exhibition commences Feb 1, 2019
Jury panel visit day Feb 11, 2019
Jury panel discussion Feb 11, 2019
Exhibition ends Mar 6, 2019
Students notified of winners Feb 22, 2019


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