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 Our research activities leverage our skills and experiences as designers.

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Featured faculty member: Wanda Dalla Costa

Between Classes: Episode 4, Wanda Dalla Costa

In this episode of “Between Classes with Steven Tepper,” Wanda Dalla Costa talks about celebrating and honoring indigenous cultures and working with communities through design. Dalla Costa, who is a member of the Saddle Lake First Nation, Alberta, recently joined the Herberger Institute as our newest Institute Professor, with an appointment in The Design School.

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Danielle Foushée

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Research initiatives 

Our research activities leverage our skills and experiences as designers, providing tools to explore the issues which inform our teaching, critical practices, and engagement with local and global communities.

reDesign at The Design School


ReDesign.School is an online platform created by The Design School to listen and engage with the best minds in the design world and rethink the future of design education. The platform is part of the larger redesign initiative to examine how to meet the needs of a new generation of young designers. Through local and national roundtable discussions and committees focused on key areas of design education, we are collaborating to create an innovative design school for the New American University. Read more.

Cluster Project

Cluster Project

The Interdisciplinary Cluster Competition is an annual competition held within The Design School that fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration among our junior students, providing students an opportunity to apply knowledge, gained within the studio, to solve real-life design projects. Read more.

Solar Lab + Deck

ASU’s Solar Laboratory is a nationally recognized facility for research and education in active and  passive solar heating/cooling/electricity and in climate responsive building material design concepts. Read more.



InnovationSpace is an entrepreneurial joint venture with The Design School, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU. Read more.

The Biomimicry Center

The Biomimicry Center offers educational programs for both students and professionals across disciplines to learn to create sustainable and effective design solutions by answering the question: "What would nature do?".  Read more.

Green Roofs

Green roofs are living systems designed to provide multiple ecological and resource benefits. Municipalities in the United States and abroad are using green roofs to enhance urban sustainability. Read more.

Indigenous Design and Construction Initiative

Indigenous Design Collaborative

The Indigenous Design and Construction Initiative (IDCI) is a use-inspired design and construction program, which brings together tribal community members, industry and a multidisciplinary team of ASU students and faculty, to co-design and co-develop solutions for tribal communities in Arizona. Read more.

frame a dream

Frame a Dream

The “Frame a Dream” project is in partnership with the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Design School sophomore students are asked to “frame the dream” of long care patients.  Each student was given a patient’s “dream”.  Read more.

SHADE / Solar Decathlon Project

SHADE: Solar Homes Adapted for Desert Equilibrium is a prototype designed and constructed for the U.S. Department of Energy's 2013 Solar Decathlon, a biannual International Competition for net-zero homes built with integrated photovoltaics and other sustainable features and technologies. Read more.

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