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Design Excellence

The Design Excellence Exhibition is a display of student projects and occurs twice throughout the academic year. The fall Design Excellence exhibition is on display from February and runs until March. The spring Design Excellence Exhibition is on display from June and runs throughout the summer until September. Each semester faculty nominate up to three students from each studio (second, third and fourth year studios at undergraduate level along with the graduate level studios) to present their projects displayed on a 2ft x 6ft poster in the Design Excellence Exhibition.

Green Roofs in Hot Arid Climates

Green roofs are living systems designed to provide multiple ecological and resource benefits. Municipalities in the United States and abroad are using green roofs to enhance urban sustainability. Yet, they have not been widely researched in arid climates. This research fills that gap in our knowledge by using a case-control research design to quantify the performance of green roofs in hot arid urban climates. The green roof study is a ten-month (from June 2015 – March 2016) pilot on the Design School roof at ASU to quantify the ecological services of green roofs in hot arid environments.